Castillon Fourreau, interior architecture agency in Biarritz since 1992

Thanks to years of experience, gained since 1992 on the Basque Coast, the agency has developed its strength in our team ability to work with qualified and trustable contractors in order to achieve our projects with full respect of budget and deadlines. In addition, to support our customers in their purchase steps, we intervene upstream with a first visit, allowing us to give a first expenses estimate about the work to be done to fulfill our customers’ expectations. Then, according to our customer’s need, the agency develops a program offering architect plans.

Beyond the vision and volumes apprehension in order to optimize spaces, our interior designer competency enables us to study furniture details, materials and colors choice. We also take care of the administrative and technique procedures with the assistance of engineering consulting firms if needed by the project complexity. Our professional insurance covers the whole project mission management.

The communication between us and our customer is done by sending project reports and pictures showing work advancement thru internet. It allows a more efficient project management and moreover a quicker decision making, especially when customers are far away or abroad.

This organization also ensures a trustable and harmonious relationship with the developers while allowing possible project modifications and evolutions all along the building process.

The team

Françoise Castillon
Interior designer, graduated in 1989 from ESAG Penninghen school, Paris

Pierre Fourreau
Interior designer, graduated in 1977 from Ecole Boulle, Paris

Florence Exposito and Leslie Tieys

Maïder Goni

Used sofwares

Vectorworks, Photoshop, Sketchup
Dessin assisté par ordinateurs Mac

Acitivity fields

Individual Villa, renovation, extension
New house
Tertiary sector, offices, stores, hotels, restaurants, casinos…
Procurement contract, private contract
Association with architects for procurement contracts carried out thru team work